Who Shot Elvis


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Original Cover Design
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1.   Medieval Man
2.   Who Shot Elvis?
3.   Excalibur
4.   The Orbit
5.   Step Into My Sphere
6.   The Way Of Love
7.   All About The Same Thing
8.   OK Here We Go
9.   Don’t Heel Me Like A Dog Just To Break Me Like A Horse
10. In Canada

Jean’s favorite song on the album and why:
The Way Of Love is a song Duane and I were working on. It turned into a Mecca Normal piece when we were all playing together. We recorded it live, all three guitars, vocals and drums in the same room, using low volume monitors instead of headphones. Medieval Man has really odd guitar that creepifies a description of a man’s life.

David’s favorite songs on the album:
Who Shot Elvis?
Medieval Man.

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