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Ladyfest, 2000
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Ladyfest, 2000
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Ladyfest, 2000
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Ladyfest, 2000
The Ladyfest photos were taken August 6, 2000 in Olympia by Boone for his zine The Trouble With Normal. An interview with Jean appears in TTWN Spring 2001.
1_david_in_paris1988_thumb.jpg (3244 bytes)
David in Paris
2_david_in_vienna_thumb.jpg (2676 bytes)
David in Vienna
4_david_in_la_thumb.jpg (3206 bytes)
David, 1987 (self-portrait on a Greyhound trip across Canada)

5_david_1985_thumb.jpg (2411 bytes)
David in LA at Spaceland (happily talking to Ted)
3_david_1987_thumb.jpg (2829 bytes)
David, 1985 (drinking carrot juice)
6_jean_in_sf_2000_thumb.jpg (2805 bytes)
Jean in front of the GAMH marquee
7_jean_self-portrait_2000_thumb.jpg (2373 bytes)
Jean self- portrait 2000

olympia_1989color_thumb.jpg (2943 bytes)
MN in Olympia, 1989

mn_1992color_thumb.jpg (2764 bytes)
MN in Amherst MA, 1992 (taken by Danny Lungfish)

10_jean_1993_thumb.jpg (3116 bytes)
Jean at BookWorld, 1993

11_toronto_1987_thumb.jpg (3523 bytes)
MN Toronto, 1987
12_mn_in_1987_thumb.jpg (3539 bytes)
MN in London, Ontario, 1987 (some of Fifth Column were in attendance)
14_jean_hornby_island_thumb.jpg (3701 bytes)
Jean on Hornby Island, 1962
13_jean_1987_thumb.jpg (2145 bytes)
Jean, 1987
15_jean_1979_thumb.jpg (2450 bytes)
Jean, 1979
16_jean_2000_thumb.jpg (2385 bytes)
Jean, 2000
17_jean_self-portrait_2000_thumb.jpg (2420 bytes)
Jean (self-portrait), 2000
18_jean_in_the_60s_thumb.jpg (2514 bytes)
Jean in the 60s
19_kaos_in_olympia_87_thumb.jpg (2970 bytes)
MN at KAOS, 1987
20_david_in munich_thumb.jpg (2374 bytes)
David in Munich
21_mn_in_munich_thumb.jpg (2209 bytes)
MN in Munich (we were shut down for being weird)
22mn_at_yyagg_olympia_thumb.jpg (2986 bytes)
MN at Yo Yo, Olympia (Jeff Smith photo)
23_jean-first_mn_show_thumb.jpg (2188 bytes)
Jean at the first MN show (Smiling Buddha, Vancouver, 1984)
24_mn_first_show_ever_thumb.jpg (2625 bytes)
MN first show ever -- opening for DOA


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