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Jean Smith,
solo CD (Kill Rock Stars) 2000

Reviews of Jean Smith's solo album:

"Jean, this is fucking amazing music. And it takes guts AND smarts to make it. You've got both. I'm a huge fan now. Thanks for asking to be my friend. I'm honored. And I'd work with you anytime. love, K "
-- from Kramer Oct. 16/06

"I really like your new record and never cease to be amazed by your talents."
-- Candice Pedersen, formerly of K Records

"a little beauty, a little noise, a rhythm, some folk, some avant garde--stabbing the Beast in the chest and injecting a heart."
-- Mole

"the unvarnished beauty of Smith's resonant guitar makes this the most user friendly record of her career."
-- Bill Meyer, Chicago Reader

"Siamese Hips bears a resemblance to the mother of all ambience, Brian Eno's Music for Airports."
-- Washington Post

"Melodious and lovely."
-- Christien Gagnier, CJAM Windsor, Ontario

"one of the best records put out this year!"
-- David Arnson, Insect Surfers

"really enjoyed it"
-- Jon Donlan of SPIN

"modern beatnik soundtrack"
--  The Olympian

"a powerful, moving experience and is easily one of the best records to come out this year."
--  Broken Pencil

"the effect is mesmerizing."
-- Columbus Alive

"Halfway builds from an overdubbed vocal duet to a kickass guitar solo."
-- CMJ New Music Monthly

"The results are austerely beautiful. These sparse brittle mainly acoustic meditations would be the perfect soundtrack to a walk through a tangled thicket on a drizzly autumn evening."
-- Yop

"the beauty of music, present even in its infancy."
-- Alternative Press

"organic soundscapes"
-- Baltimore Weekly

"It's frequently gripping and always uncategorizable."
-- Ms Magazine

"thoroughly enjoyed it. It resonated as I suspected. I heard it as a liberating movement between soothingly eerie sounds (at the beginning) and smart and righteous concepts (the black dress--fetishization described through repetition?)."
-- Dorothy Geller of Washington, DC

"striking and novel results."


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2 Foot Flame

Jean Smith vocals/guitar
Peter Jefferies drums/keyboard
Michael Morley guitar

  • 2 Foot Flame (Matador) 1995
  • Ultra Drowning (Matador) 1997
  • a live version of Peacock Coal appeared on "Even More Live Music from WFMU" compilation

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Jean Smith spoken word 7"
  • Carboni Angels (Kill Rock Stars) 1992

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David Lester

Solo Guitar Cassette

  • The Light Changed Before I Could Blink (Get To The Point) 1999

Bud Osborn - Hundred Block Rock (Get To The Point) 1999
David Lester guitar
Wendy Atkinson bass

Produced by Jean Smith:
  • Peter Jefferies "Elevator Madness" (Emperor Jones) 1996
  • Duane Crone "Give Me a Call" (Smarten Up!) 1996
  • Cub 7" debut (Mint) 1992
  • All Mecca Normal and 2 Foot Flame releases (but one -- Who Shot Elvis? was produced by Peter Jefferies)
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