Sitting On Snaps

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1.   Vacant Night Sky (video by Michael Morley)
2.   Something To Be Said
3.   Crimson Dragnet
4.   Frozen Rain
5.   Only Heat
6.   Trapped Inside Your Heart
7.   Alibi
8.   Pamela Makes Waves
9.   Beppo’s Room
10. Cyclone
11. Gravity Believes

Jean’s favorite song son the album and why:
The piano (Peter Jefferies) on Vacant Night Sky is the first time we’d had a guest on a Mecca Normal record. It’s one of those songs whose meaning evolves through time and circumstance. It seems to apply to various aspects of life.

I love Frozen Rain, Dave plays it so beautifully.

Only Heat is something I came up with. I listened to Dub Narcotic and Creedence Clearwater Revival mixed together in my headphones and used a Boeing super-sensitive microphone, something they used to inspect aircraft for structural defects. It picked up creaking floorboards, and pounding bass from a car going by -- we couldn’t hear it in the room, just through the super-sensitive microphone.

David’s favorite songs on the album and why:
Vacant Night Sky.
Only Heat.
Beppo's Room: The distorted guitar actually sounded lush.

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