Jarred Up


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(compilation of singles and contributions to compilations)
1.   Strong White Male (video by David Lester)
2.   Man Thinks Woman (video by David Lester)
3.   Forlorn
4.   He Didn’t Say (video by Jean Smith)
5.   Follow Down
6.   It’s Important
7.   How Many Now
8.   Horse Heaven Hills
9.   This Is Different
10. Armchairs Fit (Through Doorways)
11. Accidentally
12. You Heard It All
13. Days
14. Rose
15. Fan Of Sparks
16. Narrow
17. Broken Flowers
18. Upside Down Flames
19. From The Surface
20. More More More (video by Heather Conrad)
21. Echo
22. One More Safe

Jean’s favorite songs on the album and why:
He Didn’t Say: We recorded this with Calvin in Olympia, I made a video on my Fisher Price PXL camera of Dave playing the acoustic part. I loved doing the wild electric part. The song gives a structure to an elementary problem in a relationship: "I never knew what he thought, he didn’t say".
It’s Important
Fan Of Sparks

David’s favorite songs on the album and why:
Man Thinks Woman: Just great lyrics.
Armchairs Fit (through doorways): a cathartic joy to play live.

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