Flood Plain


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1.   Ribbon
2.   Current Of Agreement
3.   Nobody’s Asking
4.   A Kind Of A Girl
5.   Greater Beauty
6.   Waiting For Rudy (video by Pat Maley)
7.   Straying To Summer
8.   Walking The Walls
9.   On The Row Of Dials
10. Texada Warns Me
11. Museum Of Open Windows

Jean’s favorite song on the album and why:
Waiting For Rudy: we used to stay in an old building in San Francisco, Barbara Manning’s place. Downstairs Rudy ran his video and bookstore. He was ancient. The real estate people couldn’t touch this valuable property until Rudy died. So much hinged on Rudy’s longevity.

David’s favorite song on the album:
Waiting For Rudy.

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