Mecca Normal (Self-Titled)


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The First LP
1.   Who Told You So?
2.   Are You Hungry Joe?
3.   Not With You *
4.   Tolerate Me
5.   Sha La La La La *
6.   Scare In The Hallway *
7.   I Walk Alone *
8.   Beaten Down
9.   Phone’s Unplugged
10. Women Were King *
11. Fight For A Little

We recorded most of the album at Sounds Fine To Me (our rehearsal space, Bob and Joyce’s garage) on our cassette 4 track. The songs marked * were recorded as we wrote them, on the first time through. It was originally released on our label, Smarten Up! Records.

Jean’s favorite songs on the album and why: Not With You was the first time I ever tried vocal harmonies. I played it for my boyfriend, but he wasn’t as excited due to the content of the song. "I won’t live your life, not with you."

I Walk Alone is special because we’ve done it at almost every show.

Are You Hungry Joe? was written while I listened to a radio interview with a guy in a food bank line-up.

David’s favorite songs on the album:
Beaten Down
I Walk Alone

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