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Both Amazon and CDNow are taking pre-orders on The Family Swan, but please NOTE: -- WARNING! CDNow lists an album called "She's So Control" as a Mecca Normal album. It is not a Mecca Normal album! Also, most of the album release dates are wrong on both their sites.


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To buy Jean’s new chapbook:
Family Swan and other songs (Limited edition. Jean made the lino cuts and printed in Olympia at at Community Print with Nikki McClure) and her first novel:

I Can Hear Me Fine (Hard to find. Jean recommends it!)
please send a $12 US (each) postal money order to:
Jean Smith
#304 - 1320 Salsbury Dr.
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V5L 4B3

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To buy Jean's Second novel - The Ghost of Understanding, click on the link to the publisher:
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To buy David’s chap-books:

Afternoon Descends To Night and
The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism

and David’s solo guitar cassette:
the light changed before I could blink

send a $12 (each) postal money order to:

David Lester
#304 - 1320 Salsbury Dr.
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V5L 4B3
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