Post Cards & Highlights #1


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HIGHLIGHTS from 1986

Mecca Normal self-released our first album, 500 copies. It was #1 at the University of Alberta, Edmonton radio station. In print, it was called visionary, original and the worst album ever made. Mecca Normal played around 20 shows in 10 cities on 3 tours. The Black Wedge -- a group of anti-authoritarian poets and minimalist musicians -- played the west coast. Mecca Normal and friends talked about poverty, food banks, feminism, anarchism, and social injustice while trying to set some wild hearts and voices free in 18 radio interviews in 5 cities. 24 articles or reviews appeared about Mecca Normal, the Black Wedge or Spring Uprising.

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HIGHLIGHTS from 1987

Mecca Normal played 36 shows in 22 different cities, did 22 radio interviews, got an encore in Toronto, received airplay at 35 stations (playlisted #1 In London, Ontario, #2 in Montreal, # 4 in LA). 10 record reviews and 23 articles (or photos) appeared regarding Mecca Normal, the 10 city "Black Wedge" tour or the "Resist Much Obey Little" tour. Mecca Normal released a 3 song EP, made 3 videos, did 3 tours.

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HIGHLIGHTS from 1988

Mecca Normal played 33 shows in 21 cities in 3 countries, did 20 radio interviews, recorded 2 LPs. 30 articles or reviews appeared. Mecca Normal toured England with Peter Plate.

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