Post Cards & Highlights #2


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HIGHLIGHTS from 1989

Mecca Normal played 40 shows in 20 cities on 4 tours. We did 20 interviews and released Calico Kills The Cat which was playlisted at 32 stations. #1 at KSPC Claremont, CA

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HIGHLIGHTS from 1990

Mecca Normal played 35 shows in 25 cities, did 16 interviews, recorded the album Water Cuts My Hands, made 1 video.

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HIGHLIGHTS from 1991

Mecca Normal played 52 shows in 21 cities on 3 tours, did 20 interviews, released Water Cuts My Hands on Matador with a re-release of Calico Kills The Cat on the CD version. Playlisted at 63 radio stations, #1 at 9 stations. Hung out with LA’s Distorted Pony. Played the International Pop Underground Festival in Olympia. Mecca Normal written about in the Village Voice, Rolling Stone. Arranged to do a Sub Pop Singles Club 7".

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