Post Cards & Highlights #3


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HIGHLIGHTS from 1992

Mecca Normal played 47 shows in 32 cites on 3 tours, did 38 interviews, released Dovetail - playlisted at 91 radio stations.

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HIGHLIGHTS from 1993

Mecca Normal played 56 shows in 34 cites on 3 tours, did 30 interviews, released Flood Plain and Jarred Up - playlisted at 73 radio stations, with 5 at #1. Dovetail reviewed in Spin, women at Pomona show sang along to "I Walk Alone". We met Dirk and toured Europe, ate great food in France, a band in Paris played a Mecca Normal song, played twice with Fugazi (NYC & Vancouver). David published Jean’s novel I Can Hear Me Fine which was reviewed in Germany ("What does it say Dirk, what does it say?")

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