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"The Family Swan" will be out August 20 on
Kill Rock Stars

West Coast, SEPTEMBER 2002:

Thursday, 5
the new GAFC church
1311 I. St.
with art show
artists talk at 7:30
Friday, 6
The Backstage

with Decemberists
art on the mezzanine
artists available for discussion between 8 and 9PM

Saturday, 7
Pacific Switchboard
upstairs 2602 SE 25th studio E
with Nikki McClure
art and workshop

San Francisco
Monday 9 through Wednesday 11
art show
Balazo/Mission Badlands Gallery
2811 Mission @ 24th
Call for hours: (415) 920-0896
workshop: Tuesday September 10
8 PM, $5

San Francisco
Wednesday, 11
Hemlock Tavern
1131 Polk St
with Wussom*Pow! and Bonfire Madigan

Thursday, 12
AK Press Warehouse
674 A 23rd Street
7 PM with art and workshop
Free, but (hint hint) plan to buy something!

Garden Grove
Friday, 13
Youth Drop-In Center
with Lucid Nation and Family Outing
art and workshop

Saturday, 14
The Smell
with Lucid Nation
and an improvised set by Carla Bozulich & Jean Smith
and art show

San Diego
Monday, 16
Casbah (back room, between bands)
at the Elbow show

Friday, 20
Center Of Contemporary Art
experimental music series with art show

Sunday, 29
'Word On The Street'
CBC Radio, Hamilton St.
show is between 2 and 5 PM, we go on at 3

Monday, 30
Mesa Luna
with V for Vendetta
and art show (I hope!)

October 11
The Pic Pub
with El Guapo

Mecca Normal
Not just an underground rock duo

how art and music can change the world
Using our history in music, art and publishing
to illustrate the reality of being cultural activists,
it is our intention to inspire creativity. Q&A friendly!

The Art of Mecca Normal

David Lester's series of political prints, Inspired Agitators, was conceived in the spirit of the protests against the WTO. Every moment of history is embedded with obstacles that seem insurmountable; achieving social change seems impossible. Yet, again and again, battles are won in climates of indifference, hostility and brutality.
Check out one of David's posters in the series.

Jean Smith Artist's Statement

Jean Smith graduated high school with a cash scholarship to attend art school; she went directly downtown, bought a really good stereo, and moved out from under the same roof as her abstract parents, both painters. In 2000, Smith’s series of self-portraits (1973 - 1999) were shown at Olympia, Washington’s Ladyfest Art Show -- laser-copies of the self-portraits will be on display at upcoming shows. The theme: self-portrait has evolved to a larger scale; Smith paints herself, examining the roles of female subject/model and artist.

Jean, who has your art influenced, and how?

Primarily my art influences me; it has turned out to be how I live life. The scope of our history has started to become a factor now that we've brought all the aspects together -- music, art, writing, organizing, self-managing. We didn't really plan to have a body of work to refer to in this way -- now it seems pretty impressive! Dave has a series of political posters for our art show, and I've been showing a series of paintings which I really love, but I don't have to much to say about them. In a way, I like that, because I'm the one with all the words in the band and Dave is mostly non-verbal -- the art show reverses that. Dave's art is based in political philosophies of a selection of activists. I felt challenged by his work and I decided I wanted to show more political work. I pulled out the self-portraits I started doing when I was 13. I've laser-copied them and they'll be up at the shows. I've been saying fifteen years of Mecca Normal and suddenly my history sped backwards another fifteen year -- I've documented thirty years of my face, my image, in self-portraits. And I dug out and laser-copied an old magazine from 1963 that featured my family home on its cover. Both my parents are painting large abstracts at easels set up in the backyard, and I'm sitting on the ground, front and center, painting my own abstract, my discarded doll, Beverly Brown, laying beside me. That was forty years ago!

Check out Jean's favorite painting in the Pint Glass series.

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