Post Cards & Highlights #4


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HIGHLIGHTS from 1998

Mecca Normal played a few shows. 2 Foot Flame toured in New Zealand and Australia. Jean was named one of the 'top 50 writers in Vancouver'. David turned 40 and met Wendy Atkinson, a collaborator in music and publishing - she’s the bassist in the Bud Osborn project; David plays guitar, Bud is a poet and poverty rights activist.


HIGHLIGHTS from 1999

Mecca Normal played a few shows, and published poetry chapbooks as Smarten Up! & Get To The Point. Karen and Kele rescued Jean by supplying a computer! Dave taught Jean how to use a computer. Jean turned 40 and quit drinking!


HIGHLIGHTS from 2000

Mecca Normal toured the west coast with godspeed you black emperor! Jean’s solo album released. The Jean Smith band played some shows in the US.


HIGHLIGHTS from 2001 so far!

Mecca Normal is planning to release a record, a special project to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the release of our first album on Smarten Up! Records. The plan is for a limited edition 12" vinyl, handmade covers. We’ll record new songs on the same machine we used to make the first album, and add unreleased songs from around that time.