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We had a few albums out on Matador, but they are all out of print now. For the time being their web site has:
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Go directly to Jean’s page at Kill Rock Stars


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Mecca Normal’s earlier releases and the re-release of the first album are on K Records
  • check the catalog for album titles and labels.
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Go to Jean’s publisher and distributor Arsenal Pulp Press to buy Jean’s second novel,


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Check out the schedule for Yo Yo A Go Go, a big festival in Olympia, Washington, July 2001. Mecca Normal will be playing and seeing lots of bands. If you see us standing around, you could come and say hello! Remind me that I told you to! I guarantee, we are polite and friendly with good communication skills!


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The Experience Music Project is a museum in Seattle. Jean was interviewed and appears in a video display related to Riot Grrrl in the museum. The title of these videos are "Discovery, Explotation, Blackout" and "What Got Lost."Check out their website starting at Riot Grrrl.
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